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Registration for 2015 Combinatorics Workshop. 

Registration will cover the luncheons, conference banquet, refreshments. No registration fee is required.


The Conference will meet at Center for Applications of Mathematical Principles (CAMP), NIMS, Daejeon. 

Getting to ...
  • The most convenient way is to use Airport limousine bus which we strongly recommend. When you exit a gate of the terminal, you can see the bus stops at the 1st floor. You need to cross the road to get the bus stop for "Bus for other province" (9C-10C). At "9D" bus stop, you can get the bus for Daejeon. You can purchase the limousine bus ticket bound for Daejeon for KRW 22,100 (Deluxe)/24,300(Late night) at bus ticket booths. It will take about 180 ~ 200 minutes for buses to arrive at the destinations. In Daejeon, get off at the Daejeon Government Complex and take a taxi for the NIMS and your accommodation. (within 7 km, under 9000 KRW)
  • Another way is to take KTX express railway from Incheon airport to Daejeon. It would approximately take 2 hours. For further information, please check this website KORAIL. In Daejeon, get off at the Daejeon KTX Station and take a taxi for the NIMS and your accommodation. (within 12 km, under 13000 KRW)

Travel Category Normal Type   
Travel Type Direct
From Incheon Airport

To Daejeon
Train KTX

Staying in ...

This is to provide information regarding the accommodation during the conference. Please follow the below steps if you need to reserve accommodation for the conference.

  1. Choose one location from our best recommendations - Lotte City Hotel, Hotel ICC, Hotel Interciti, Hotel Riviera, Yousung Hotel, and Tokyto-inn. (Check the zoomable map, clicking Locaions in the left menu.) The announced “price per night” may differ from the website because of the special discount. The price includes tax; all expense can be paid with cash or card.

  2. In order to complete reservation, please visit the listed below websites and fill out the booking schedule. After filling out all the visiting and personal information, please write "CW2015 Participantsin the "Other detail" or “Requirements” blank.

    The reservation websites are: 
*Please be informed that accommodation is not supported by CW2015

    Getting around ...

    Participants planning to travel around the city or surrounding area might consider taking a taxi, which is more comfortable than other public transpirations. Current initial charge is 2800 KRW. The total fare is calculated by both the distance and time of travel. It is advisable to show the driver a map in order to ensure you get to your destination. Overnight charge is added by 20 percent between midnight and 4 am.

    • Brand Call Taxi (Hanbit Call, Yangban Call, Hanbat S Call)

    Hanbit Call taxis and Yangban Call taxis (Brand Call taxis) are equipped with high-tech equipment such as GPS navigation, a credit card/traffic card reader and a receipt-issuing machine, and all taxi drivers wear a uniform. Of special note, Hanbit Call taxis provide a year-round Safe Return service for women and students. With this program, the company provides the passenger with his or her location and taxi information on a real-time basis via mobile phone. The fare of a Brand Call taxi is the same as that of regular taxis.

    • Hanbit Call Center Tel. : +82-42-540-8282
    • Yangban Call Center Tel. : +82-42-586-8000
    • Hanbat S Call Center Tel. : +82-42-242-8800
    • Free Interpretation Service in Taxis

    A special interpretation service is provided in some taxis with “Free Interpretation”stickers on the window. Three-way simultaneous communication is possible between the passenger, the driver and an interpreter in English, Japanese or Chinese through a mobile phone installed in the taxi.